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Who are we ? --- Black Cat Books

Description: Dealers in second-hand and out-of-print technical & electronic books, who have been trading for over 30 years, believe in the personal touch AND try to satisfy the most obscure demands. You may find our prices rather different to other sites, due to our quirky nature and a touch of realism.

We are always looking for fresh stock of similar material, from any (legal!) source.

Contact details are as follows:
David Sweetman,
35, Regent Road,
KT5 8NN,

Telephone: 020 8390 0721 (not always manned)
This website:

Customers' comments:

''... a pleasure doing business.
They are exactly what I am looking for...'' Dr. I.M., Scotland.

''Thank you for your excellent service.'' G.C., England.

''Thanks again for your help, a real pleasure doing business with a real person with old school values.
I am very happy with the manual, it's in better condition than I thought it would be.'' A.D., Northern Ireland.

''Nice packaging - and also a nicely used book.'' E.J., Denmark.

''Your packing was brilliant thought you had sent me the equipment with manual.
Thank you again for your great service.'' J.H., England.

''Appreciate the safe packing, think the paper binding might have been reduced to quantum foam with a less safe packing job!'' M.B., England.

''A pleasure doing business with you.'' J.S., England.

''I was pleasantly surprised to find a UK website amongst all the USA sites thrown up by the search. (I will now find it amongst my bookmarks, of course).''
Your website ..... is actually very easy to use.'' J.S., France.

''Thank you for your efforts.'' (in helping to find rare information). R.C. (a chief engineer for a TV station in Spokane WA), North America.

''Thanks for the great response ....
The book is in very nice shape. I am a very happy customer..''
G.S., North America.

''Many thanks for your helpful attitude and very prompt response (for the second time). You seem to have a few manuals which I had found nowhere else. '' T.C., England.

'' The manual was exactly what I was after and the price was good even without checking on the condition.
You are to be applauded for .... forwarding the full postal refund on to me as compensation for the delay. '' R.H., Australia.

''..your service is more than reasonable.'' D.M., England.

''The TF2008 Manual arrived.... I am very pleased with it.''
K.D., England.

''I love your format - cleanliness is now quite hard to find.
The manual turned up and its wonderful....'' J.H., Australia.

''Just to let you know that the service information arrived today well packed and that I'm very pleased with it.
Many thanks for an excellent service.
Many thanks again for another great transaction.'' S.M., England.

''.. you had the manual at what seems to be a very reasonable price. Your site seems fine to me and easy enough to navigate. It is straightforward to make an enquiry.'' E.H., England.

''Thank you for your rapid and thorough response.
Thank you once again for your prompt, efficient and helpful service.'' S.B., England.

''The site WWW.TECHTOMES.CO.UK is for me really convenient and good prepared. The catalog of books is developed; I like it so much.
Thank you very much for your advices.
Thank you very much for excellent cooperation. I am really happy, because I know, where I can look for a great range of technical books.'' P.M., Poland.

''Your page is ... perfect for searching which I feel is the most important feature. Your method of submitting a question worked well.
Thank you very much for the fine service.'' J.H., North America.

''Although this was my very first visit to your website, it will certainly not be the last.
I was very happy to find your store...'' B.M., Denmark.

''I will await the arrival of the replacement manual and be happy that I discovered your shop and that you have so kindly supplied the manuals at such reasonable prices.
It has been a pleasure to do business with you and I shall keep your web site in my favourites for future book searches.'' F.C., England.

''I want to say that the packaging and the schema itself are both outstanding.
Thank you for your great support.'' a different M.F., Italy.

''It's nice to have a fast site that isn't clogged up with unnecessary images/scripts!
.. very good value!'' J.G., England.

''.. am impressed with the stock that you carry.
Thanks for quick and excellent service!
.. and have found your listings a "Goldmine".'' A.S., Australia.

''(Your web site -) Its simple, its fast, no graphics, and that makes it good a lot of the time..'' Dr. G.J., North America.

''... I prefer the straightforward presentation of your website as opposed to the excessively embellished nature of some others.'' T.C., England.

''Thank you so much for your very helpful e-mail.
The book arrived safely yesterday and I am very happy with it.'' Dr. J.A., England.

''I am very pleased with the manual that arrived today.'' G.O., England.

''The website is fine - no fancy bells or whistles, but it simply does the job.'' M.T., England.

''Pleased to find your website.
The books arrived today, in excellent condition and very well wrapped..... Thanks for all your help.'' M.A., France.

''The dialogue is extremely user-friendly.
The web site and service you offer is impeccable professional and the best I have ever seen, along with prompt correspondence.
This is the second time I have used your business service and will carry on with Black Cat Books as a first resource, a sheer pleasure in dealing with this professional company.'' Alex Wr., England.

''I think your site is very clear, friendly and easy during searches and doesn't need any improvement....
Thanks again for nice service'' M.F., Italy.

''A very clear, uncomplicated way to review and order your stock. I wish all were as easy to deal with!'' Phil (ATC), England.

''Black Cat Books offer a surprisingly wide range of reference material for rare equipment about which it is often difficult or impossible to find any information. Add to this a personal service, careful attention to detail and reasonable pricing and one has a valuable source of information to call upon, immediately - or when all else has failed; warmly recommended! '' R.W., England.

''... a perfectly excellent service ..'' B.W., England.

''Thanks for packing them so well.'' D.C., England.

''Many thanks for all your help... '' D.M., Scotland.

''You have a very useful site that I have bookmarked for future reference....
''... in truly excellent packaging!'' N.E., N. Ireland.

''... is just what I was after.'' C.A., England.

''Good value'' V.B., Wales.

''beautifully packaged and am very pleased both with the service and the product.'' G.R., England.

''Thanks for the fabulous service.'' T.A., England.

''Your website is fine, containing all information that is necessary, and it is easy to find what you're looking for - if it is there. Not to mention Your very moderate prices.
''Thank You very much for the nice material and the fast delivery!'' T.P., Germany.

''... the website was so easy to use that I couldn't quite believe it!'' P.H., England.

''Many thanks for providing such an excellent, prompt and value for money service.'' M.P., Wales.

''Thank you for your nice and friendly service.'' F.P., Italy.

''..I look forward to doing business with you again.'' J.K., North America.

''.. amazing delivery times..'' D.S., New Zealand.

''Your prices are amazing.'' M.B., England.

''The books arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with them.'' P den B., Netherlands.

''... exactly what I have been after for years:).'' P.G., England.

''Thank you for my book, it's in perfect condition.... your service was excellent.'' G.A., Wales.