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STOP PRESS - 29th January 2023

Please note that our contact E-mail address is now as of 31st May 2017. We apologise for this change (from ''), but it is outside our control as the old address was shut down and no longer works.

We apologise for the removal of the previous simple method of using 'tick' boxes to select books, but our Internet Service Provider has disabled this feature. We hope to restore it in the not too-distant future.

Here is our next catalogue to enjoy, despite the distractions of an unseasonably warm February & its sunny days in England.


Following a further recent acquisition, we now have some precision mechanical tools and electronic equipment for sale - at a fraction of the new price.

Toshiba CD-ROM drive Model XM1902B for sale

This is a Toshiba CD-ROM drive designed for use in laptop computers. It was manufactured in June 1999 according to the label. It was purchased in error (wrong connector for the computer) from a reputable secondhand supplier (PCHUB.COM, online at:, supplied with 1 month warranty, and never used by us!

It is believed working and has been carefully stored in bubblewrap, but purchase at your risk.

Price: 2.50 (cost 20.76, when purchased in February 2006).

A mechanical dial gauge (measuring force from 100 to 1000 grams) for sale

This is a hand-held instrument with a sense arm 5 centimetres long and a dial of over 6 centimetres diameter, fitted with a limit pointer. It is in working order, but not calibrated. The dial is marked: CORREX, Haag Streit, Bern, Swiss-Made).

It comes with its own snap-closure case (17 x 9 x 4 centimetres in size), which has an undated calibration label on the case showing this instrument to have been the property of M.E.L. (in Crawley, West Sussex).

Price: 4.00

This catalogue completely replaces the previous catalogue (of 23rd February 2019) and all earlier ones.

Please use this catalogue, rather than older ones, to avoid disappointment.

For the convenience of our customers, we now have a PayPal account to allow payments to be made securely and in foreign currencies without the cost & bother of obtaining a sterling draft. A PayPal 'link' will be sent with the confirmation E-mail to enable this to be done.

Following a recent major acquisition, we now have a very large stock of ORIGINAL operating & service manuals for electronic equipment. These can vary from a few loose-leaf sheets of paper to hundreds of pages properly bound with many photographs - and are priced accordingly.

For ease of finding them, these items are only briefly described as "User manual" or "Service manual", followed by the equipment type and number. Unless stated, all these manuals are manufacturers' originals, complete and in good to very good condition, excluding minor creases or wear of the corners. Notes may have been added. Further description will be only be added if the items significantly differ from this.

Further details of any item will be supplied on request by E-mail.

The easiest way to find them, will be to use the 'Sorted by: Title' page and look for "User manual - ...." or "Service manual - ....".

There are a number of relatively modern technical data books (in the Science & Reference section), which we hope will be of interest. The easiest way to find them, will be to use the 'Sorted by: Date' page.